Validating a (silly) Addiction

I love Pinterest. If you haven’t succumbed to its charms, I don’t know that I can recommend it with a clear conscience. It is addicting. Not quite in the bad way, but close. I definitely have to be careful not to lust or be envious over a lot of the “Home Decor” items. I would not be happier if I had a perfectly decorated home….

Ok, maybe I still think I would. But my OCD would probably ruin it. (There’s the downside I’ve been looking for!)

Once you get past all the daydreaming, there are practical uses for Pinterest! The RECIPES. Oh, how I love RECIPES.

I have now used one recipe and one suggestion in my cooking and they were huge successes. The recipe I made this past week was “Onion and Gruyere Potato Stacks” courtesy of You slice potatoes and layer them in muffin tins with cheese and sauteed onions and then bake. EASY and so ridiculously delicious. Also, it was the perfect opportunity to splurge on a mandolin (the kitchen gadget, not the musical instrument) which came in handy for my second Pinterest try!

For our Easter Sunday potluck at church, I made Paula Deen’s squash casserole with a little tweaking. I’d seen on Pinterest that substituting greek yogurt for lots of dairy products is an easy way to cut calories and fat and add a little protein. So instead of using the 1/2 cup of sour cream, I used 1/2 cup of greek yogurt. It worked perfectly! There was still plenty of cheese in the recipe to give it some oomph but I don’t think anyone could have guessed that it wasn’t full fat. And I sliced the squash with my mandolin instead of dicing. The new kitchen gadget is now officially profitable.

Except that I didn’t make any money out of it.

I will definitely be attempting greek yogurt as a substitute again. Perhaps in baking as I am slightly skeptical/very curious of how it compares to vegetable oil in batters. This southern girl has had very few homemade meals or desserts that didn’t involve vegetable oil or Crisco.

For the record, the substitution will not be attempted–under any circumstances–with cornbread. ((shudder))

Have any of you had Pinterest-inspired successes? Let’s hear ’em!


Resourcefulness turns tasty

I would love to be like the Pioneer Woman and have enough recipes and enough (interesting) stories that people decide to pay me to just be myself and blog about it. So I’m blogging about dinner tonight. Probably should have taken a picture to make it legit but the leftovers are already in the fridge.

I have been sick, Eva came home from school with a fever, so dinner needed to be simple and quick. Enchiladas!

We had enchilada sauce, tortillas and chicken that we’d cooked in the crock pot a couple days ago. I got everything out and shredded the chicken and quickly realized that three ingredients were NOT going to make a yummy dinner. So I go to grab some onion or peppers or something… we don’t have any. But I am hooked on this onion idea. What could I substitute? Vidalia Onion dip leftover from Super Bowl Sunday. One of my mom’s signature dishes and a family favorite, it’s made with cream cheese, vidalia onions, water chestnuts, and dry white wine. Yes, creamy oniony goodness. So I warm that up and toss it in with the chicken.

…not satisfied. Wait, I have frozen chopped spinach! Success is near! Thawed and drained and thrown in the bowl. I fill the tortillas with my creamy chicken and spinach mixture, cover with the enchilada sauce, and toss in the convection oven at 375 degrees for 12 minutes.

Oh, people. It was divine. The Vidalia Onion dip had just enough savory creaminess to make the chicken and spinach really balanced and smooth and the enchilada sauce spiced it up and gave it another layer of flavor depth. And the best part is we probably would have thrown the leftover dip away in a couple days so I prevented some waste in the process! Yay me! Dinner adventure for the win.

And now I’m going to cuddle my feverish baby and prayer we wake up healthier. Good night, folks!