Container Garden Week 4


Look at those plants! I can’t tell you how in love with them I am. It’s like parenting but without the back-talk. What a joy!

I had to dig up the petunias; they were attracting slugs, the little hussies. And the Zucchini and Pepper plants seem to be much happier with the pots to themselves.

We have lots of flower buds right now. Here are future tomatoes:


And future Zucchini:


Pernicious mint:


And more baby Cilantro!


I used some of my rosemary and thyme on baked chicken this week and it was incredible. Herbs are probably the greatest investment right now because they are usable every day without impeding their growth.

The organic pesticidal soap and removal of the petunias seems to have helped the pest problem but if it goes on another week, I will try something stronger. The pepper flower of last week disappeared, which might have happened in a storm but… I’m not growing veggies for the bugs!

Sigh. So much love for those plants.

Happy Thursday, all!


4 thoughts on “Container Garden Week 4

  1. Your plants are looking good! Here’s something that I learned about trapping slugs in a completely organic way:
    Get some grapefruit and cut it in half. Cut out the fleshy insides and place the halves open end down, about 5-10 ft away from each other (if I remember correctly), where you’re having the slug problem. Check the grapefruit in a day or two and you should have some slugs trapped in there! They LOVE moist dark places, so they should be attracted to the grapefruit before getting to your plants. To kill the slugs, get a bucket of salty water and put the grapefruit halves in the water.

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