Irony is always appreciated, isn’t it? After posting about how I’m too young to this and too young to that, my best friend and I had a long conversation about how old we feel because our twenties are basically over and we would rather have a full night of sleep than get dressed up for a night out on the town.

Let’s just be honest; I don’t stay positive for long.

I recently rediscovered my writing portfolio from college and naively decided to read through a paper which I was particularly proud of for my Shakespeare: Tragedies class. All I could think was, “Wow, I was really smart.” Really, Abby? I have the same brain, don’t I? Actually, I belong to the school of thought that believes–dare i say, KNOWS–that women’s brains are transmogrified during childbirth into barely recognizable mush that only desires babies, food and Pinterest. So it is in fact, NOT the same brain that wrote those papers. How sad. My vocabulary is probably 40% of what it was in college. 15% if you include foreign languages as well. (I shudder!)

Today at lunch, I utterly bemoaned my sad mental descent into stupidity. To which my astute friend replied, “You just need to work on being smarter.”

Indignation exploded!

Wait… he was right. (Somebody owes me a cookie for saying that…)

Moms, how do we do that? I would ask my single, childfree friends but most of them are currently working on Master’s and Doctorate degrees and I probably couldn’t hold a conversation with them about this without sinking into the deepest depths of despair and jealousy.

I think blogging is probably good for me. Reading great literature? Watching Downton Abbey? What else is there? I don’t even remember what life was like without Eva. Which is probably God’s gift to me so that I cherish this way of life for what it is instead of focusing on what it’s not.

I’m just asking. If you know, let me know. Although, I will remind you lucky SAHMs that I do have to tackle a 40+ hr a week job in the mix, too. Going back to school isn’t an option right now or believe me I would already be there.

Suggestions welcomed. Comments always enjoyed. Hope you are all having a good Monday.


6 thoughts on “Brainpower

  1. I wish I had the answers. Your writing and thought are way more astute than mine ever will be. You still have the language, the vocabulary and the wit. I’m a single working girl (still can’t bring myself to say woman) who has work and that’s pretty much it. No desire to go back to school unless that equals sending me abroad. 😉

    Anyway with all of this said, You are an extraordinary person and I admire all that you do. If anything you have gained an even higher caliber of learning just by being a mom. And Eva will continue to grow and learn from the knowledge and experience you have. So reflect on your past but smile at your present and future.

  2. I don’t know if Mom’s (single or not) ever get rid of their “mommy brain” because once a mom all your thinking turns from self to someone else. Even as a grandma we now have other little ones to think about – like our SMDs (single mother daughters!).

    • Oops – hit enter.
      I do know that I now have a new respect for single, working mother’s.
      You may have a lot on your plate but I admire all that you have accomplished and the challenges you have overcome and will still overcome!

      Keep up the good work and hope it helps to know that us MSMs (Mothers of Single Mothers) are cheering you one.

      Love the blog and look forward to more Abby & Eva adventures.
      Check out my attempt at blogging about my gardenia moments at

  3. I took a class last year on the brain, and how it is wired. How addictive behaviors can damage the pathways between the left and right brain. I like to make jokes about my dad, “His left and right brain haven’t talked in decades.” Ha! But did you know that our brains are beautifully and wonderfully made? When someone whom you Know loves you, is making eye contact with you, and you can feel the joy They feel just by seeing you, Your Brain Heals!!! No Joke! The docs have proof! Amazing!!! So I try to sync up with Jesus when ever I can, (go to that lake by the mountain) and Seek his face looking at mine. I can just Feel my brain growing and healing, and my Spirit and ‘Joy Tank’ becomes full.

    ~ Selah That ~

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